Schema Browser

Toad’s venerable Schema Browser is the go-to tool for visualizing objects at the schema level or the database level.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is a highly functional tool for organizing and personalizing many disparate elements in the database.

ER Diagram

Toad’s new ER Diagram tool hosts a feature-rich interface for modeling complex data structures.

Editor Debug

Toad’s expansive Editor features debugging capabilities, allowing the user to step through code while monitoring output.

Editor SQL extract

Toad 11 introduces the SQL Extract feature, which enables the user to pull DML from larger PL/SQL code and execute it.

Auto Optimize window

Extract and optimize embedded SQL – without copying it to a separate Editor tab.

Auto Optimize window

The Auto Optimize window writes alternative queries that users can compare to the original statements.

Code Analysis window

Scan and analyze database objects and PL/SQL files for code correctness in the Code Analysis window.

DB Health Check

Write customized explanations for each DB check item through the DB Health Check feature.

DB Health Check Report

The DB Health Check Report Output tab lists Health Check results. Users can save the results as HTML output.