IT Advisory Services

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<Introduction of IT Advisory Services>

"IT Advisory Services" is the successor of "enterprise professional support services."

By combining a wide range of options to "basic service" and "professional support services", from the follow-up of support, to provide a service that meets the needs of proactive / strategy-oriented with an eye to the BCP, the customers of the problems facing Resolved you.



  • It can be combined to best support services, depending on the customer's system usage and needs
  • Professional provides an active to proactive and preventive measures (incident reporting, support planning, and the tendency of understanding and analysis, etc.), to reduce the downtime of your IT environment
  • The person in charge of full-time to provide escalation management, promptly provide solutions

New feature

  • Successor of "enterprise professional support services."
  • Enhancement of services and options menu
  • Site-based, or asset (service tag) provided in the base
  • It provides annual health check and assessment of storage and server
  • It provides remote advisory service
  • In readiness to multi-vendor environment (Q3) * (* The corresponding vendor there is a constraint)



"IT Advisory Services" of Dell, to suit your needs, you can choose from two types of models.

Essential <Basic> package

  • Technical Account Manager dedicated
  • Report provides quarterly
  • Create a recommendation based on known data as value analysis service, a list of considerations for advantage
  • Storage and server annual health check and assessment of
  • 6 hours Remote Advisory Services
  • Notification of custom patch

Strategic package

  • Service Delivery Manager full-time
  • Monthly report provides
  • Management of service contracts and industry operational benchmark report provides
  • Strategic service plan (with confirmation and management services of quarterly by major business goals)
  • Create a recommendation based on known data as value analysis services, list of considerations advantage
  • Storage and server annual health check and assessment of
  • Storage and server configuration and patch management (annual)
  • 12-hour remote advisory services
  • Twice a year of on-site visit
  • Notification of custom patch

Customization is possible by the selection of options further.

Service Options

  • On-site visit option of quarterly (Essential <Basic> package)
  • Configuration deployment and patch management (Essential <Basic> package)
  • ITSMr (IT Service Management Review) (Essential <Basic> Package and Strategic Package)
  • ITIL-based one-time evaluation (Essential <Basic> Package) (Strategic package)
  • Monthly on-site visit option (10 times) (Strategic package)

Purchasing options

  • Purchase of assets (service tag) units (Essential <Basic> Package and Strategic Package)
  • Fixed fee system purchase (per site): in a single contract can be covered one site all of the assets (service tag) (Essential <Basic> Package and Strategic Package)


Comparison of the "Enterprise professional support services" and "IT Advisory Services" is as follows.



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